Paul Newman’s (other) Luxury Fake Rolex Daytona – will this auction deliver the next record watch sale

Do you want to own the popular Paul Newman Rolex Daytona replica watch? Have you ever wondered what racing cars and auction rooms have in common? In a 2006 publication, neurosurgeon Dr Eric Watkins published evidence that a Formula 1 driver can experience a pulse in the neighbourhood of 200 beats per minute during a race. According to the US Centre for Disease Control, this heart rate approaches, if not exceeds, the maximum heart rate for the typically aged Formula 1 driver. In this way, both race cars and auction rooms have a similar effect on those inside them, with hearts racing if you’re gripping a steering wheel or a paddle, a fact that gives an insight into the name of an upcoming Phillips “Racing Pulse” auction in New York.

This name is a natural choice for the Phillips Watch Department. Arguably their most well-known sale of a watch took place in 2017 when the hammer dropped on the high quality fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona “Paul Newman” lot previously owned by Paul Newman. The engraving on the back, “DRIVE CAREFULLY ME”, was a reminder from Mr Newman’s wife to take care during the car races in which he competed.

That Rolex fake watch with steel bracelet achieved a then world record for a watch sold at auction, at more than $17 million. In this year’s auction, Phillips has another Paul Newman Rolex with a similar race-related engraving (more on that later). In addition, there is a second cover lot connected to the famed 24-hour Le Mans car race, and there are a number of other racing-related lots.

Just as car races have always been scenes of high passion, so too are auction rooms. For the watch community, sales of this magnitude are eagerly anticipated, fought over competitively and remembered as battles where objects of desire were a bounty worth risking it for.

Just as when the world’s best drivers are assembled on a race track to have their performances witnessed by the world, Swiss movement replica watch lots are collected from the depths of the horological universe and put into a catalogue that can prove so memorable. So let’s take a look at the Phillips “Racing Pulse” sale in more detail, taking in the top lots and a few sleepers in the mix.

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