In Order To Celebrate The Returning Of Game Of Thrones, Specially Showing You The Unique UK Replica Rolex With Dragon Upon The Dial

Recently, “Game of Thrones”has been returned, you can see Daenerys take her three dragons walking to “Iron Throne”! Although the dragon means the fire-spitting monster and also is the symbol of evil, that can not be denied, dragon also is a very important totem image. So, today, I’d like to introduce you a kind of Rolex watch with cloisonne enamel dragon to celebrate the returning of Game of Thrones!

Among all the fake Rolex watches, this blue second hand replica Rolex 6085 watch can be said as the unfamiliar one. With the rare cloisonne enamel dragon upon the dial, this fake Rolex was launched by the cooperation between Rolex and Stern Frères. And compared with the modern Rolex, this one with more creative when researching and developing.

The dragon in this gold case fake Rolex watch that adopted the cloisonne enamel process, brighter in the color. For the drawing of the limbs and tail of the dragon, the color also has a gradient effect, more vivid when seeing from the whole. Unlike the realistic dragon, this one more like comes from the medieval book.

Updated: August 23, 2017 — 5:52 am
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