How To Solve Fog Inside Perfect Rolex Fake Watches?

Although the sturdy replica Rolex watches are sealed to maintain the water resistance, if you do not take good care of them, they may produce fog. Why?

Normally, the hot-selling fake Rolex watches are designed in sealed form, various junctures still possess subtle pores. When you wear the watches to do some washing or in the rainy days, the water will enter the pores. In addition, when the watches suddenly face the cold, the air with moisture will become the fog inside the sapphire crystals.

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How to solve the problem for the popular copy watches? Firstly, when the watches are wet by the water, you should use tissues or lints to wrap them, and put them beside the electric bulb with 40 watts for about 30 minutes to remove the fog. Secondly, you can use hair dryer to dry the watches. Moreover, you can wear the watches by overturning the sapphire crystals to touch the skin for about two hours.

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If the useful duplication Rolex watches are serious in the fog problem, you need to send them to the maintenance agency as soon as possible.

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