Have You Ever Seen The First Classic Replica UK Rolex Watches With Three Chronograph Sub-dials?

Chronograph watches with a lot of classification, a single chronograph, two chronograph, three chronograph, and so on, now, the single chronograph is very rare, however, the two and three are still the mainstream. When mentioned the three chronograph sub-dials, there are many classic watches, among them, the most famous one must be the Rolex Daytona watches.

Rolex was not the pioneer of chronograph watches, but still with the charming fake Rolex Daytona watches that occupied a position in the field of chronograph, and also is the official chronograph of many famous events. However, we all know the replica Rolex Daytona watches are the representative of Rolex chronograph watches, but do you know the first replica Rolex watches with the three chronograph sub-dials?

In the mid of the 1920s, Rolex paid attention to Oyster, then turned to Perpetual, however, with the development of the racing sport and the famous of Rolex, Rolex began to researched the chronograph. In 1820s to 1930s, starting from the earliest single button chronograph to the double, until the born of the fake Rolex Ref. 3330 watches.

This replica Rolex Ref. 3330 watches with three chronograph sub-dials, which is the earliest fake Rolex chronograph watches with three sub-dials. It carries 37mm diameter case, which produced in 1941.

As you can see, this black leather strap replica Rolex Ref. 3330 has a salmon color dial, matching the black scale and blue steel pointer,. at 3 o’clock position that is the 30-muniute sub-dial, and the 12-hour sub-dial is located in 6 o’clock position, and the last second sun-dial is on 9 o’clock position. These details show us the beautiful and reasonable layout of this replica Rolex watch.

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