2020 UK fake Rolex watch reviewed by the experts who sell them

After Baselworld was cancelled and the pandemic shut stores, factories and supply lines across the globe, it was rumored that Rolex replica would postpone all its 2020 watch launches until next year.

Thankfully, the unveiling was able to go ahead on September 1, and the reaction could not have been more frenzied from customers dreaming of scoring a new steel Sub or Oyster Perpetual.

Authorized dealers were even more excited at the bounce Rolex promised to give them this side of Christmas, as Rob Corder discovered in calls with retailers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Rolex’s authorised dealers on both sides of the Atlantic are reporting a frenzy of demand for 2020 cheap Rolex replica watches launched on September 1.
“All our stores’ phones have been inundated,” Stuart McDowell, retail director for Laings, a Scotland-based AD, told WatchPro. “With our online chat and digital presence, we are also experiencing more requests coming through these channels than ever before. Even my mobile started late last night and has not stopped.”

Oyster Perpetual Submariner

5,000 miles away on the other side of The Pond, David Lee, CEO of Hing Wa Lee Jewelers in California, is equally excited about the reaction from customers. “Clients are blowing me up wanting to order the new Subs. In the 25 years of being an official Rolex jeweler, Rolex has never been as HOT,” he adds in a WhatsApp message.
Betteridge, a historic American jeweler with stores in Greenwich, Connecticut, Aspen and Vail, Colorado, and Palm Beach, Florida, has been equally inundated.

“It has been hectic; hundreds of calls, although with diminished expectation as the regulars are quite used to the answer,” says CEO Terry Betteridge, referring to the continuing shortages of the hottest top quality Rolex clone professional watches.
Discontinued lines, which includes the entire 40mm Rolex Submariner replica watches with steel cases, are still generating inquiries. These models often become more collectible and rise in value faster once manufacturing ends.
“A number requested the old models that might be more available with the new ones stealing the lime light. The older green sub will arguably be worth a premium. That was the request quite a number of times,” Mr Betteridge reveals.

Rolex’s replacement of its entire Submariner line was the headline news from the watchmaker this year, but its less lauded Oyster Perpetual upgrade appears to have authorised dealers excited. “I love the new Oyster Perpetual dials,” says Lisa Bridge, CEO of Ben Bridge, a West Coast of the United States multiple with almost 100 doors.

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